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My name is Bob Caine. I am enjoying my retirement. 🏖️  After I retired, I had a need to supplement my income.  I had played with Internet Marketing before I retired but it was just that playing.  I never made more than a few dollars and spent much, much more.  Once I retired and had to live on a fixed income, I needed to be careful how I spent my money.  More importantly, I had to quit 'playing' at Internet Marketing and make it into a business.  "Look out internet, here I come!"

It's simple, right?  Just ads for products that people need and they will buy.  As many of you know and I learned, it is not that simple.  I knew there wasn't an easy button.  🉐  I knew you had to put in effort and I knew some money was required.  What I didn't know was how difficult it was to make a sale.

I tried this tool and that tool.  They all made promises of one kind or another.  These all may have been true but I never gave them a chance.  If I didn't make money in a week or two, I was on to the next shiny object. ✨ So the biggest thing I had to learn was patience.  It takes time to put together an advertising campaign.  By just using the sales pages provided by product developers, I was greatly limiting my chances.

I have read, several places, that an individual needs to see an internet ad 7 times before they will buy.

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